**How to get FREE & FRESH Leads Daily from MLM Gateway**

Yes, it is available to you in Ashburn starting today 12/11/23.

People join MLM Gateway daily, and in great numbers. While logged in and on the Dashboard, you can see exactly all activities happening in MLM Gateway. For example, you can see who has just joined MLM Gateway, who has just published a business announcement, who has just boosted a business announcement or who has just upgraded their Membership.


Quite often, when people just join, they do not know what they are getting into. So, contacting them within the first minutes, hours or even days, welcoming them to MLM Gateway and offering them some kind guide or help on navigating or succeeding with the MLM Gateway platform may prove very effective in gaining their attention, confidence and trust. They will see and value you as an asset to them and will certainly consider interacting with your more or even joining your opportunity.


Even, if they do not join your opportunity right away, then will be tagged to you, such that any business announcement you publish later on will be mailed to them automatically by the system. MLM Gateways is a very powerful platform in getting targeted leads or even earning money online. And the stronger the foundation you lay in it, the more the traffic or income you will earn ongoing.


MLM Gateway is an amazing resource. Whether it is targeted traffic that you want for any opportunity, or another stream of income, or just nice people from anywhere around the world to interact with for whatever reason, MLM Gateway has it all and more. Unfortunately, not so many people know this, either because they do not pay attention enough to review the platform, or they are just too overwhelmed by other life stressors.


It sucks, I know. However, if you could focus only on MLM Gateway alone for some time, maximizing every potential it offers, your online journey to successfully growing any business or earning money would not be a matter of if, but when.


I have written a very simple yet catchy message which I send to selected new members that have just joined MLM Gateway. My choice of whom to send the message to depends on which country they are from, or which country I want leads from. I also send this same message to others that have been in the system for a while. In contacting those that have been in the system for a while, I only send the message to premium members, that way I am confident they are active.


Most people in MLM Gateway, even premium members do not know the potentials of MLM Gateway, or what they need to be doing daily to be successful with the system. As such, they will really appreciate your help/support.


There is no better resource to offer them than this guide. Within the message you will send to them, you will also expose them to your opportunity in a very subtle way. I wrote this guide for my MLM Gateway referrals, but have decided to make it available to everyone, yes even you, because it works.


Before you even consider using this guide, I guess you would have to consume it yourself first to understand its potentials. If you and those you share the guide with, put it into practice, you all will be successful not only in MLM Gateway, but also in your primary businesses. MLM Gateway members are already mostly net-workers and or opportunity seekers looking for ways to be more successful.


Below is a sample message to use. Just remember to replace XXX with the name of the person you are sending the message to, then replace the marked text with your own link to the opportunity you are promoting. Also make sure to include your name. Please, the link in the message is the guide you are giving away, so, make sure you leave it unchanged.


When you click on the name of anybody on the MLM Gateway Dashboard, the dialog box will open with a default message. Just replace that message with yours (this message below).


Good luck and much success


---------- Here below is the Sample Message to Use -------

Hello XXX,

Welcome to MLM Gateway, the #1 place to get unlimited targeted Partners to grow any business.

I am reaching out to you today, because I do not want you to make same mistakes I made, or that others make.


I was on MLM Gateway for 3 years but failed to recognize its Potentials. Now I know better and want to share with you.

I want to share with you the best guide around to help you maximize your MLM Gateway membership and experience.


MLM Gateway could be everything you need to become very successful in this industry.


Please connect with me should you have any questions.
I will be more than happy to help you succeed.

Wish you all the best for now.
Regards, YOUR NAME

(Enter the link to your opportunity here)


--------- Here above is the Sample message to send out -----------


The above message is just enough and fits the space allocated by MLM Gateway. Spend at least 10 minutes daily to contact 10 people on MLM Gateway and see your business explodes. It should actually take you less than 10 minutes, since it is just a matter to copy once and paste 10 times.


Remember, all the people you contact and communicate with remain (on your list) tagged to you forever. Such that whenever you publish any business announcement (article), it is sent to all of them automatically by the system.


If you can not write articles about your business, get someone on fiverr to write you some for just $5 each. For a one time $5, you can get an article written, publish it on MLM Gateway or on other platforms, that will remain there forever bringing you residual organic traffic and money for ever.


Review the information on this page on the benefits of posting articles on MLM Gateway.



All the best for now and much success in your Business.