Cryptex Takes Your Investment To The Next Level and 100% Risk-Free

Take your investment to the next level, and achieve maximum growth with minimal effort and risk. The idea for cryptex was launched in 2017 by an independent and free group of crypto experts and Visionaries. Cryptex is the link between modern financial instruments and crypto through cryptex and the defy hybrid contract.

One gains a certain Independence, because shutting down DeFi protocols is practically impossible, even in the most severe crises. For this reason, despite all transparency, discretion, and anonymity, a stable return on investment plays the biggest role at cryptex.

The bank takes that money and typically lends it out to others in exchange for keeping that money in the bank. One receives a portion of the interest from the loan. Similarly, in staking crypto Holdings are locked up in order to participate in the blockchain operation and the maintenance of its security in return daily rewards will be received which are calculated in percentage returns.

These yields are typically much higher than any interest rate offered by Banks. Staking has become a popular way to generate profits with crypto without having to trade cryptocurrency at cryptex. This crypto stock is made available to the client for a set period of time in exchange for a small fee.

This eliminates the client’s own investment risk at its heart in the cryptex customer wallet in conjunction with the defy hybrid contract. The wallet is completely anonymous and is only associated with its number and the owner’s email address.

Now the DeFi hybrid contract is concluded with a term of five or if desired, seven years. At this moment the 43,200 U.S. dollars are transferred to the cryptex wallet. The fee for signing a DeFi hybrid contract is only $100 one time out of pocket, and for this, you have been earning $43.20 every day.

A maximum of 20 contracts can be signed without needing a verification procedure link doing KYC. After the 43,200 U.S. dollars are positioned in the wallet, they will automatically participate in the device staking of cryptex and the profit will be credited to the wallet daily seven days a week.

From that point on, at the end of the contract, the loan will be repaid to the bank and the DeFi hybrid contract is settled with the respective wallet holder.






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