** How to redeem your Avazoo $100 FREE VIP Ticket **

Yes, you could be the lucky winner in Ashburn.

 - Congratulations -


At the right time, you will receive an email from Avazoo. The email will be generated using the name and email address you submitted or that you will provide upon request. The email will have some instructions and a link on which you will have to click.


Clicking on the link in the email will open up a form which is already pre-populated with your name and email address. You will not be able to change the email address.


Do not worry, there will be some videos in your back office to guide you along the way. Watch them keenly!


Complete the form with the right information, because if there is a mismatch, you would forfeit your winnings in the even that you win. In the process of completing the form, you will have to verify your email address and your phone number.


After completing the form, you will have to upload your most recent picture (picture only, NOT ID). After which you will proceed to:

  1. After you have completed the form, you will have to go back to your email to confirm your email by clicking on a link sent to you in the email. Then...
  2. Upload a recent picture of yourself
  3. Log into the Avazoo CRC (Communication and Resource centre). This is the place where you will be able to view updates, interact with others (if you wish), ask questions or report any emergencies in your area for which you need assistance.
  4. Join and like the Avazoo Facebook page
  5. Subscribe to the Avazoo YouTube Channel
  6. Download and install the Avazoo App, log into it and make your first post. You will be using same log in details for your Avazoo account to log into the app as well as into the CRC.
  7. After you have completed the above steps, a pop up will appear, or you will see a red band prompting you to buy your NFT or claim Ticket. Simply claim your ticket and ignore the NFT aspect.  

The order in which you complete steps 3-6 above does not matter, but everything is tracked and when you have successfully completed all the 3-6 steps above, you should see your back office similar to the image below, with green ticks against every step that you have successfully completed.


Congratulations. At this point you have completely redeemed your Avazoo $100 FREE VIP Ticket. Nothing else to do. Use the App daily to collect more free entries which will increase your chances of winning. Log into the CRC to check for updates as you wait for the raffle draw.  Hopefully you will be our next billionaire in Ashburn, or at least a millionaire. Good luck.



If you would like to help Avazoo spread the word or bless your friends or colleagues with a free $100 VIP Ticket. Check the left menu in your back office, your will see Promotional Programs, click on it then select Double Down. Agree on the conditions, then you will have access initially to 2 x $100 FREE VIP Tickets that you can give away. You may receive more free $100 VIP tickets (up to 30 = $3,000 in value) to give away, if you successfully give away the initial two (2).


NOTE: You will be able to access the DOUBLE DOWN option only after you have successfully redeemed your ticket. And you can not give the FREE Tickets to your family. If you give to family, you and that family member will be disqualified from the raffle.


The Double Down Promotional Program is designed to spread the word about Avazoo’s Billion Dollar Raffle for Charitable Causes. Avazoo is giving YOU the opportunity to give FREE Promotional $100 VIP NFT Raffle Entries to like-minded individuals who care about what is happening in the world today, and who want to help Avazoo help charitable and disaster relief organizations accomplish their goals, which is what Avazoo is all about!

You will be joining Avazoo as a player, and here are the number of free tickets possible and available for you to give away, if you successfully give away all the free Tickets every week.

Should you have any questions, please ask the person that shared this with you,

or ask in the private  WhatsApp support Group, if you are member.