Discover the world of affordable, fresh, and organic food sourced directly from farms and delivered to your doorstep. iFood introduces a groundbreaking concept: "Farm to Table," eliminating the middleman in the delivery chain, resulting in a remarkable 20-50% reduction in food costs.


Regardless of your toughness, everyone needs to eat, and at iFood, we turn that necessity into an opportunity for financial growth. Join us in the fight against hunger and poverty while enjoying your meals. With iFood, you can simultaneously fill your stomach and your pockets, paving the way to millionaire status.


Unlock significant savings on your monthly food expenses—up to 50%—by mastering Low-Cost Organic Methods for growing your food. Take advantage of wholesale prices (with a minimum monthly purchase of ₦10,000) and earn cashback of up to One Million Naira monthly through our innovative Multilevel Affiliate Program, 'MAP.'


Imagine generating a daily income of 5 million Naira effortlessly with iFood! Say goodbye to middlemen and the chaos of chemically treated foods.


✅ Registration for iFood is only ₦3,150, renewable annually.


✅ As a member, enjoy significant discounts on all food items. For instance, a bag of rice that costs over ₦50,000 in the market can be yours for just ₦42,000. That's a savings of ₦10,000 per bag! Isn't that incredible?


✅ Earn ₦1,000 for every new member who signs up using your referral link.


✅ Unlock the potential for substantial earnings, reaching into the hundreds of millions, as members in your community place daily food orders.


✅ Experience real-time spillovers and earn from them. Plus, benefit from comprehensive and sustainable agriculture training in organic farming, peri-urban, and urban agriculture. You will also benefit from up to a 50% discount through the agrinovate program.


✅ Maximize your income potential with the multi-level affiliate program (MAP), making up to 40 million Naira daily, weekly, or monthly.


✅ Secure your position now for the fastest payment system, with instant payouts even on Sundays. Enjoy additional perks such as international trips, car awards, bonuses, and shareholding.


✅ Choose from various secure payment gateways, including card payments using Paystack for a 100% secure transaction.


A Rare Franchising Opportunity


Be the pioneer in owning an iFood Mart Franchise in your city (San Jose) or any other city. It's important to note that iFood, as a company, does not directly establish iFood Marts in various locations. Instead, they've entrusted this opportunity to enthusiastic individuals who can seize it as a means to increase their earnings.


iFood Mart represents the franchising component of the broader iFood Economy. It is the responsibility of each person to consider opening an iFood Mart in their area, especially where none currently exists, provided they have the capability to do so.


It's worth emphasizing that at this time acquiring a franchise for an iFood Mart is very affordable and could become more expensive later due to increased costs driven by demand. This could potentially limit the opportunity to establish it in your preferred location, as there are regulations in place to maintain a certain distance between individual iFood Mart establishments.


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IMPORTANT: After you activate your account, contact me on WhatsApp @ +1 702 782 7224 so that I can add you to the iFOOD MADE BILLIONAIRES GROUP for support.


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