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*The Mistake Most People Make About Making Money, Aging, and Retirement*


If you are reading this at this time, consider yourself really fortunate. Because this will equip you with the Knowledge, the Opportunity, and the Power to Avoid these Devastating Mistakes.


Most people forget to think that they will get old at some point, become frail, and fragile, and subsequently become unable to do the things they now happily do. Hence, they fail to plan for their old age period.


Similarly, many people happily work/walk their way towards retirement and ultimately happily retire, only to realize within the first 6-12 months that their retirement Money (if they had any) is no longer enough to take care of their basic needs. Then, they go back and pick up a new job that pays even less than what they were earning before going into retirement.


Do not get caught up in this death trap. Now you are young, strong working a full-time job, or may even be on more than one job, yet unable to pay off all your bills, your debts, etc. Do you think it will be when you get old, weak retired, and unable to work, that you would suddenly have enough money to pay off your bills or debts?


With this in mind, the best time to plan for your old age and retirement is now, and the possibilities are endless. With the advent of innovative technologies and information, if you are still broke, then something you are doing is not really right.


This is what happened while you were sleeping last night, and all the other nights you sleep: As you were sleeping last night, your power bill, your phone bill, your internet bill, your water bill, your gas bill, your insurance bill, and many of the other bills you have entangled yourself with, were running.


In other words, you woke up owing more than you did, before going to sleep. Even during the day, as you go to work to earn money, those bills are still running and piling up.


That is why I totally resonate with Warren Buffett when said: "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."


So, if you are looking forward to paying off those recurring bills with non-recurring income, or Income from a job that you have to babysit, that is a death trap you are setting up for yourself. You need a passive income stream, so why not multiple passive income streams? Such that while you are sleeping, you can also be making money, not accruing debts.


If you can imagine that the Fish and water live in perfect harmony, then of a sudden, the water participates in cooking the fish, then understand that anything is possible, blackmail is real, you cannot trust a job and the fish cannot always rely on the water. But for now, all is good, you still have enough time to turn things around, and the best time is now.


“It's Crazy that some people feel that 2-5 years to build a Business that could serve them, and the next generations a very long time to get RICH. However, don't feel that 40 Years at a JOB is too long of a long time to stay BROKE”.


The Good News is that, with what we have at hand and the strategies, it would not even take you that long if you take the right actions. In a very short time, you can be earning multiple passive Income streams while your one-time action would also set you up for a huge retirement income down the line.


With that said, this is your chance, and this is your time. You now have the knowledge. Proceed to the Opportunity, where you can exercise your Power to secure your present and future life Financially. 


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