Time sensitive Partnership/Funding Opportunity for your Nonprofit

We thank you for your engagement and services to make a difference in the world through your organization.  We are seeking organizations like yours to hopefully partner with us in an innovative approach to philanthropy.


Avazoo Worldwide is the home of the world's first $1 Billion Raffle. Because of the size of the prize, this Raffle will create a lot of excitement. However, it is merely a means to an end.


70% of all the money raised goes into a separate escrow account for disaster relief and charities, which will be approximately $3.5 billion. Avazoo is offering Nonprofits a unique opportunity to substantially increase funding, regardless of the size of their organization.


We would like to include your organization in the charities that can receive some of those dollars and all we ask from you is that you help us spread the word about the raffle to your supporters and on your website.


In addition, we will be providing immediate help for your organization including significant financial donations and several other benefits all designed to help your organization achieve its mission and goals, all at no cost to you.


Avazoo is putting millions of dollars into this special program, but the funds are not unlimited. It will be first come, first served, so get back to us as soon as possible and we will be more than happy to explain the entire program to you.


Here below is some limited information about Avazoo for Nonprofits. Of course, all your benefits are not included here. Avazoo however, has custom packages to ensure most nonprofit organizations irrespective of their size qualify.


Review the information keenly, then register your organization with Avazoo as soon as possible. Someone from Avazoo responsible for Nonprofit and Charity organizations will reach out to you with details of the possible package approved for your organization.


They will then work with you on 1:1 in the background answering any questions you may have, to ensure your organization is set up for the most financial benefit from Avazoo.


Do Not Hesitate! Register your Organization with Avazoo today 01/31/23.


Thanks for taking the time to review this information. We look forward to a fruitful Partnership with you. Together we can better provide solutions to some of the world's problems.

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   Referral Name: Peter Ade

   Referral Code: VIP-2021R1-rpcg2hfi

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This is an Exclusive Once in a lifetime Opportunity for Nonprofit and

Charity Organizations around the World, Especially in ashburn!

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