Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS)2.0 Enhancing Security Through Account

In the ever-evolving landscape of online platforms, security and authenticity have become paramount concerns. Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS), a pioneering platform in the financial realm, has taken a giant leap towards fortifying its security measures. The introduction of account verification is poised to significantly curb scammers and creators of fake accounts, bolstering the integrity of the Afriq Arbitrage System 2.0. In a recent development, the CEO has announced the commencement of the account verification process from Sunday, August 27th.

Account Verification: An Integral Step Forward

Afriq Arbitrage System has always been at the forefront of innovative financial solutions. With the unveiling of AAS 2.0, the platform is set to revolutionize security practices. The new security innovation is centered around the implementation of account verification. This advanced measure ensures that only genuine account holders have access to the platform’s benefits and features.

The CEO’s announcement regarding the initiation of account verification signifies a pivotal shift in AAS’s operational paradigm. This verification process will enable users to validate their ownership of individual accounts, a proactive approach to safeguarding against fraudulent activities that could undermine the system’s integrity.

Crucial Details of the Verification Process

The CEO’s communication sheds light on the fundamental aspects of the account verification process. Members of Afriq Arbitrage System are advised to prepare for the upcoming verification process. Although specific modalities for the process are yet to be unveiled, the CEO assures that comprehensive information will be disseminated to guide users through the verification journey.

It is essential for all account holders, whether with a single or multiple accounts, to participate in the verification process. This collective effort ensures the creation of a secure and trustworthy environment within the Afriq Arbitrage System.

Addressing Security Concerns

The need for account verification stems from the platform’s commitment to maintaining a safe space for its users. The CEO’s message on the official Telegram Channel highlights the discovery of multiple accounts created by unauthorized entities, particularly citing the case of a former rogue employee, Abayomi, and his team. This incident underscores the vulnerability that can arise from unverified accounts, potentially resulting in financial losses for investors and eroding the platform’s credibility.

The decision to enable verification for all investors reflects AAS’s dedication to identifying its genuine investors and fortifying its foundation against potential threats. This comprehensive approach is not just a safeguard for the platform but also a testament to the CEO’s dedication to the well-being of AAS’s user base.

Anticipating the Verification Process

While specific details about the verification process are yet to be disclosed, some educated assumptions can be made. Account holders are advised to ensure the accuracy of their contact information, especially phone numbers and email addresses. This is crucial, as it is conceivable that a one-time password (OTP) might be sent to either the registered mobile number or email address for the purpose of verification.

Moreover, considering the standard practices in the field, it’s reasonable to speculate that users may be required to upload a government-issued identification document. This could be in the form of a passport, driver’s license, or other such credentials. However, it’s important to note that these assumptions are not confirmed by the CEO and are offered based on industry practices.


The introduction of account verification within Afriq Arbitrage System 2.0 marks a significant stride in enhancing the platform’s security measures. As AAS takes proactive measures to weed out scammers and creators of fake accounts, users can anticipate a more secure and trustworthy environment. The CEO’s commitment to transparency and user welfare is evident through the forthcoming verification process. By participating in this process, users contribute to the overall security and credibility of Afriq Arbitrage System, cementing its status as a pioneer in financial innovation. As the verification process unfolds on Sunday, August 27th, AAS members are urged to stay vigilant and prepared for the new chapter in the platform’s security journey.






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