Are List Mailers And Safelists Worth Your Time And Money? A Closer Look At Mailer.Gold

Well, let me tell you, on the face of it, the model is pretty ludicrous. Seriously. LOL


Well, first of all, let’s back up and define a List Mailer / Safelist.

This marketing concept basically creates a permission based community where members agree to accept emails (or view emails on site) in exchange for the right to send emails to the same audience.

Often times there are both free and paid memberships available.

And, unfortunately, what this often creates is a situation where people with no money are advertising to people with no money.

Kind of a silly model, wouldn’t you say?

Well, here’s the scoop – List Mailers WORK – Yes it’s a numbers game and a lot of good ads and good products/services go a’ begging.

Another problem is that the pricing for list mailers is all out of whack and there is no real incentive for those sending ads to click ads in return.

So, where is the silver lining in this proverbial mailing cloud?

Let’s start with pricing. The general concept for a List Mailer owner is to set a price point, market it to current list mailer users and hope the membership growth and value catches up to the pricing model.

But what happens if the membership never gets there? What about those paid members that took the risk of upgrading before the value was there?

Isn’t this a flawed model? Shouldn’t there be a way to reward the early adopters with better value commensurate with the pricing “Risk”?

Well, I gotta tell ya, I have found something absolutely stupendous – The World’s First Dynamic Pricing List Mailer!

Yep, Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark have recently launched Mailer.Gold that really solves the List Mailer Value Proposition problem.

Simply put, early adopters get lowest price when the value is lowest, i.e. the lowest membership level.

Pricing started at about $8 and increases at $.01 with each subsequent upgraded membership.

VERY SMART LOGIC ==> as the paid membership increases so does the value (the REAL value in List Mailers is the number of PAID members but that’s the topic for another blog post).

But the kicker is the ROI (Return on Investment) for early adopters – they are getting DIRT Cheap membership as a reward for their early “risk”. Again, smart marketing and relationship building by Mailer.Gold, wouldn’t you say?

But how does Mailer.Gold make sure that the value PAID members are actually viewing the ads being sent so the model doesn’t regress back to “people with no money advertising to people with no money”?

The solution is simple – to send an email a sender must click and view five emails for 10 seconds each. That’s only ONE MINUTE of time!

It’s one of those “give a little to get a lot” scenarios. By spending literally a MINUTE of time a sender is assured that hundreds or even THOUSANDS of valued paid members are viewing ads.

A simple solution creates an elegant result!

The beauty of this model is that it really doesn’t matter when you join and upgrade because you will always be getting fantastic value.

The secret, though, is to join SOONER than later to ride the nearly perpetual wave of increased value and by all means share it with your team.

You’ll be glad you did.






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