Beyond Infinity Pay it Forward (PIF): A Path to Sponsorship and Financial Inclusion

The Pay-It-Forward System Explained

The Beyond Infinity PIF system allows free members to be sponsored by other Beyond Infinity Club members. Instead of paying the registration fee of $50 themselves, a BIC member will cover this cost on their behalf. However, it’s important to note that utilizing the PIF system may involve a waiting period.

Registering with the PIF System

To register using the PIF system, applicants must have a Telegram account. Beyond Infinity Club utilizes Telegram for applicant verification purposes. If you don’t have Telegram, don’t worry—it can be downloaded for free from your app store.

Benefits of the Pay-It-Forward System

  1. Financial Inclusion: The PIF system promotes financial inclusivity by providing an opportunity for individuals who are unable to afford the registration fee. By being sponsored, individuals can participate in Beyond Infinity Club’s offerings and access potential benefits without the financial burden.
  2. Sponsorship Support: Through the PIF system, existing members have the chance to pay it forward and support others in their journey. By sponsoring new members, they contribute to the growth and expansion of the Beyond Infinity community, creating a network of mutual assistance and empowerment.
  3. Flexibility and Options: Beyond Infinity Club recognizes that different individuals have varying financial capabilities. By offering both the PIF system and the option to self-pay, the club ensures that participants can choose the approach that aligns with their circumstances.


To register using the PIF system, make sure you have a Telegram account for applicant verification. However, if you can afford the registration fee and want to get started immediately, you have the option to self-pay.






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