Catly Airdrop, Free 500 Catly for Binance users, How to claim airdrop

Hey there crypto enthusiasts! Welcome back to our channel, where we bring you the latest updates and opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies. Today, we have an exciting free crypto airdrop for you! We will be showing you how to claim $2 worth of instant Catly tokens to your Trust Wallet. The process is simple and requires no investment or any complex procedures. So, let’s dive right in!

To get started, click on the link provided in the description below or in our Telegram group. This link will take you to the registration page. Sign up by providing your valid email, creating a password, and confirming it. You might also see our invite code if you use the link from our description. Once you’re registered, log in to your account.

After logging in, you’ll find that you have already received 500 Cattley tokens in your balance. However, to claim these tokens and begin earning rewards, you’ll need to follow the next steps.

Step 2: Verify Your Binance USDT BEP20 Wallet Address

To verify your account and receive the tokens, you’ll need to enter your Binance USDT BEP20 wallet address. Visit your Binance account, navigate to the USDT section, and click on “Deposit.” Copy your BEP20 wallet address and paste it into the provided section on the website. Click “Continue” to proceed.

Step 3: Verify the Received Amount for Verification will send a random amount of USDT to your Binance wallet for verification. Check your Binance account and note the exact amount received. Now, return to the website and enter the received amount for verification. After submitting the correct amount, your account will be verified, and the 500 Cattley tokens will be credited to your balance.

Step 4: Stake Your Catly Tokens for Daily Rewards

Step 5: Buy More Catly Tokens for Greater Earnings

If you’re looking to maximize your earnings, consider buying more Cattley tokens and staking them on the platform. The process is simple and provides an opportunity to earn substantial profits.


Feel free to join our Telegram group for more updates, and don’t forget to participate in our ongoing $50 giveaway! Drop your best comments in the comment section for a chance to win.

Keep exploring the world of crypto with us, and until next time, happy earning!






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