COLLECT DIRECT COMPENSATION PLAN – Team Zoom – Comp Plan Explanation

Unleashing the Revolution: Join the Viral Movement with Collect Direct

Good evening, everyone! Thank you for joining us. We are thrilled to have you here as we dive into an incredible opportunity that is changing the face of network marketing. Today, we bring you an extraordinary chance to tap into a $450 billion market and become a part of the next big thing in the industry. With a revolutionary approach and a unique compensation plan, we are confident that this opportunity will leave you excited and ready to take action!

Introducing Collect Direct: The Game Changer

Imagine a market where customers are not just consumers but true collectors. A place where people are passionate about adding to their treasured collections, and that’s what we offer. With Collect Direct, we are diving into the vast world of collectibles, and the potential is limitless.

Why Collectibles?

Unlike other MLM companies that focus on consumable products, we have tapped into an untouched goldmine – the world of collectors. We bring a vast selection of collectibles that our customers can’t resist. The demand is real, and the opportunity to build a business in this industry is unprecedented.

Compensation Plan: Your Path to Success

Our compensation plan is designed to reward your efforts and help you achieve your financial goals. While it may seem complex at first, remember that you don’t need to understand every detail. We will guide you through the process to ensure you can focus on what matters – building your team and achieving success!

Three Powerful Ways to Earn

  1. Direct Sales Profits: If you choose not to build a team, you can still make good money by acquiring customers and selling our irresistible collectibles. With our customer acquisition systems, it’s easier than ever to make profits right from the start.
  2. Team Building Bonuses: True wealth is created through network marketing when you build and lead a team. By developing homegrown leaders within your team, you open the door to substantial residual income and financial freedom.
  3. Leadership Development: Our business model revolves around leadership development. We focus on training and supporting leaders who, in turn, create more leaders. Leadership is the highest-paid profession, and we’re here to help you become a true leader in the industry.


In this business, you’ll find a unified, systematic approach to success. By focusing on building your team and developing leaders, you can achieve your financial goals and make a real impact on your life and the lives of others.






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