Experience a Revolution in Online Shopping with Digital Shopping Mall Partner Program

Welcome to the future of online shopping! Digital Shopping Mall (DSM) is not just another e-commerce platform; it’s a revolutionary experience powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology and the convenience of e-commerce. Join us in reshaping the way you shop online through our exclusive Digital Shopping Point (DSP) and the DSM Partner Program.

Unleashing the Power of Digital Shopping Point (DSP)

At the heart of our revolution is the Digital Shopping Point (DSP), a unique currency exclusively used by DSM members for their shopping endeavors. Thanks to DSP and our groundbreaking pre-ordering technology driven by blockchain’s smart contracts, DSM offers incredible savings of more than 99% compared to retail prices. This is made possible by our revolutionary DSM tokenomics designed to consistently increase the value of DSP, allowing members to pre-order products and services at unbelievably low prices, up to 100 times lower than the market value.

Digital Shopping Mall Ad Revenue Sharing Program

DSM believes in sharing success. Our Ad Revenue Sharing Program is designed to distribute earnings from displaying ads across multiple levels of contributors. Here’s how it works:

  1. Content Creators: Earn 40% of ad revenue generated on your content shared in your Streams.
  2. Sponsors of Content Creators: Earn 10% of the ad revenue generated by your directly invited business partners and 1% on ad revenue generated by their Level 2 up to Level 10 invited business partners each.
  3. Ad Purchase Sharing: Direct Sponsors of ad purchasers earn 10% commissions. Level 2 up to Level 10 sponsors earn 1% each.

Premium Services Program

For those who engage with our premium services, we offer a lucrative commission structure:

  • Direct sponsors of premium service buyers on our social media website earn 20% commissions.
  • Level 2 to Level 10 sponsors earn 2% each.

Endorsement/Recommendation Commissions

Engage actively by suggesting products and services for the mall’s offerings, and you could earn up to $100,000 in endorsement commissions for a specific deal. Commissions are disbursed in Digital Shopping Points (DSPs), offering substantial value for holders and enabling discounts of more than 99% on pre-ordered items.

Product/Service Purchase Commissions

Earn commissions through product and service purchases:

  • 25% to the purchaser’s Level 1 sponsor.
  • 25% to the purchaser’s Level 1 inviter.
  • 25% shared equally among Level 2 to Level 10 purchaser’s sponsors.
  • 25% shared equally among Level 2 to Level 10 purchaser’s inviters.

Even if a user doesn’t use a personal invitation link, the purchase or pre-order is accounted for as sponsored by their inviter, ensuring fair compensation.

The DSM Partner Program provides a unique and influential way to generate passive income online. Join us in this revolution and propel yourself towards achieving https://endless.cash/dsm






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