Getting to know Beyond Infinity and How it can help you Grow now, and Retirement Income

There is so much in store for you here and depending on what your intent is, whether you want to remain a passive member or you want to actively build a Beyond Infinity business, in addition to the passive income you will receive in your BIG account. We want to make sure that you have at least a basic understanding of Beyond Infinity, so that you can earn the income you desire for many years to come.

What is Beyond Infinity?

This product is designed to start a Global Relief Initiative that will bring about the financial relief that so many people need today. This is why it is so important for us to get the word out about Beyond Infinity so people all over the world can gain access to this exclusive product and learn how to create wealth and protect it. Beyond Infinity is the vehicle that makes it possible for you to become financially free.

As a bonus for purchasing our product, you will also receive a Beyond Infinity Gold (BIG) account where you can earn passively every week.

Beyond Infinity Gold (BIG)

80% of every deposit goes into your BIG Balance and you receive weekly Profit Share Earnings based on this amount. Once your BIG Balance plus your Earned Profits, combined, are more than your Compounding Cap, you will begin to receive automatic withdrawals (based on your BIG settings) from your BIG Wallet going directly into your Internal Wallet where you can use these funds however you choose, including withdrawing.

If you decide to remain a passive member, remember that the growth of your passive BIG account is not a get rich quick scheme and will take time to build up to the point where you will be receiving automatic withdrawals to your Internal Wallet, if you had no further deposits or personal referrals.

Becoming a BIG Ambassador (BA)

When you become a BIG Ambassador, you are given a separate link that is different from your personal referral link. The duty of a BIG Ambassador is to bring quality people, who will join our Benefactor’s Pool, for free, using your BA link. Anyone who joins the Benefactor’s Pool, using your BA link will NOT be your personal referral, however, they will help you to earn BA Rewards.

Who is a qualified applicant for our Benefactor’s Pool?

They should be able to log into their own Beyond Infinity account; they MUST be able to become Telegram verified, which means they MUST have their own Telegram account; and they should have a basic understanding of Beyond Infinity, which they will get from watching our short video on the Benefactor’s Pool registration page. And ideally, they will be someone who wants to build a Beyond Infinity business and may need a hand-up to get started.

Those free members who have registered in our Benefactor’s Pool and have become Telegram verified, are available for our members to Pay It Forward (P.I.F.) and bring them into their organization. When a member pays the one-time $50 product cost for a member in the Benefactor’s Pool, they will become that person’s sponsor. This is a great way to build your organization without having to actively refer anyone on the outside.

All Telegram verified members in the Benefactor’s Pool will receive a P.I.F. by the end of the third day. If a Telegram verified person has not received a P.I.F. by the end of the third day, from another member, they will receive a P.I.F. from the company and the company will become their sponsor.

BIG Auto Club

When you make a contribution(s) to our marketing campaign that helps bring qualified people into our Benefactor’s Pool, your contribution will entitle you to receive a brand new vehicle, valued at 100% of your contribution amount in approximately one year. You can make an unlimited contributions. Also, your contribution amount(s) will show as a deposit into your BIG account.

This will help to grow your BIG Balance with 80% of each contribution going into your BIG Balance and can speed up the time it takes for you to reach the point where you are receiving automatic withdrawals from your BIG Wallet to your Internal Wallet (based on your BIG settings). You will see the contribution amounts on the BIG page. Please read the BIG Auto Club FAQ PDF in the Training section for more information.
The Infinity Plan and the HPL income

If you want to actively earn more money than what you are receiving in your BIG passive account, you can personally refer new members into your organization. This can be accomplished by sharing your personal referral link on your Dashboard or by paying It forward for people in the Benefactor’s Pool.

Each personal referral you have will earn you a $40 commission plus a 10% Match on their BIG account earnings. The commissions from your first two or three personal referrals will go into your Infinity Reserve Account and will make you a paid member in the Infinity Plan and pay the one-time cost for your first Honey Production Line (HPL – I).

Your Infinity subscription will be paid at the rate of $10 every 7 days from your Infinity Reserve Account, and will also pay the one-time $50 cost of your first Honey Production Line (HPL – I). Your Reserve Account will maintain a cap of $40 and can only be refilled from new earnings. Any earnings above the $40 cap in your Reserve Account will go into your Internal Wallet.

As your personal referrals get their own personal referrals, they will follow you into the Infinity Plan where you will begin to earn Coded Commissions and Matching Bonuses. And when they receive their second personal referral, you will begin to receive HPL income. You can learn more about the Infinity Plan and the Honey Production Line (HPL) from the Training section of your back office.






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