Mailer.Gold Launches World’s First Dynamic Pricing List Mailer Which Solves List Mailer Value Proposition Problem

Despite the drawbacks, list mailers work, and it’s a numbers game. Many good ads and products/services go unnoticed. One of the problems with this model is that the pricing is often out of whack, and there is no real incentive for those sending ads to click ads in return.

The general concept for a list mailer owner is to set a price point, market it to current list mailer users, and hope the membership growth and value catch up to the pricing model. However, this is a flawed model. There should be a way to reward the early adopters with better value commensurate with the pricing “Risk.”

The real value in list mailers is the number of paid members. Mailer.Gold ensures that the value paid members are viewing the ads being sent by requiring the sender to click and view five emails for 10 seconds each. This creates an elegant result where a sender spends only one minute of time to assure that hundreds or even thousands of valued paid members are viewing ads.

The beauty of this model is that it doesn’t matter when you join and upgrade because you will always be getting fantastic value. Joining sooner rather than later is the key to riding the nearly perpetual wave of increased value.






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