State-Of-The-Art-Mailer: 30,000 People Are Eagerly Waiting To Hear From You About Your Business.

State-Of-The-Art-Mailer is one of the largest and most
active mailers on the net for over 13 years running. It is
also one of the top-ranked on many ranking services that
have been around for years. Members have earned over
$476,500.05 (Updated: 05/01/23) in commissions here as well!

What makes this a top mailer for so long? …. Button

In short, Button Escalation allows you to send to higher
levels even if you are not upgraded to that level.

You can now send to 30,000 if you are upgraded to at least
the 5,000 Button Level and have accrued enough spendable
credits to reach 30,000 random members!

In fact, you can send up to two levels higher no matter what
button level you are at. (free) 500 Button Level members can
send up to the 3,000 Button Level without paying for
upgrades. Simply accrue enough credits to send to 3,000
random members and you can send your ad every 5 days to that

Of course, the Viralist membership level is the Cadillac
membership level of them all that allows you to send to
30,000 every 3 days without needing any credits at all! We
also assist Viralist members in recruiting new members for
themselves by randomly promoting their affiliate links in
the marketplace. You are looking at one of those ads now.

It’s a great time to get active again at SOTAM or join if
you haven’t yet at this proven industry leader!






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