Transact Card Overview: Revolutionizing Banking with Social Impact

Introducing Transact Card: A Positive Social Impact Approach to Banking

Enrollment Options:

  1. Transact Card Membership: For a one-time fee of $25, members gain access to all banking and Z Club benefits. In the future, members can earn 500 Z Bucks for referring others to join Transact Card.
  2. Digital Branch Office (DBO): For a one-time fee of $495, DBOs receive the same banking and Z Club benefits as members, without the $25 access fee. They also gain access to the full compensation plan and can earn a franchise fee of $150 per month, which can convert to one percent of transactions as a manager or above. This fee will be implemented in November 2023.
  3. Go and Pro Memberships: These memberships will be available after the official launch of Transact Card. They provide upgraded benefits and compensation for members who want to refer customers and earn rewards.

Compensation System Highlights:

  1. Innovator 10,000 TCM Matching Program: During the pre-launch period, the first 10,000 DBOs who join Transact Card will be eligible to participate in a matching program with corporate. For each personal Transact Card Member (TCM) enrolled, DBOs receive two corporate-sponsored TCMs, depending on the level they achieve.
  2. Three-Step Process for Growing Your Digital Branch Office Community: DBOs can follow a simple process to expand their network and increase their commissions. The steps include becoming a DBO, sponsoring three TCMs to become commission qualified, and sponsoring three additional DBOs to become a manager. Each step unlocks various bonuses, rebates, and increased commission levels.
  3. Branch and Community Commissions: DBOs can earn commissions from transactions made within their digital branch and the branches of other DBOs in their network. Branch commissions are based on personal production, while community commissions are earned based on the performance of the entire network. The number of levels and the percentage of commissions increase as DBOs advance in rank.
  4. Manager Development Rebate: When a DBO becomes a manager by enrolling three active DBOs, they receive a one-time $500 rebate. This rebate encourages the development of new managers and is part of the process to unlock higher commission levels.
  5. Customer Acquisition Bonuses: DBOs can earn cash bonuses for enrolling new DBOs and activating their Transact Card Memberships. These bonuses also generate additional bonuses for managers and above.
  6. Manager Development Grant: DBOs can earn a one-time $50 bonus for each manager they develop in their network. This grant is designed to incentivize the growth and development of managers within the organization.
  7. Advancing in Ranks: By assisting their DBOs to become managers and senior managers, DBOs can progress to higher ranks such as vice president. With each rank advancement, they unlock higher commission levels and additional grants and bonuses.






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