Travel the World for Free: Earn Z Bucks and Swipe Your Way to a Dream Vacation
Get Rewarded for Every Swipe: Discover the Power of Transact Card’s Z Bucks

Are you tired of the same old banking offers and rewards? What if you could earn dollar for dollar every time you used your debit card? Introducing Transact Card, the game-changer in banking that brings a positive social impact to the forefront.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you fill up your gas tank for $70. With Transact Card, you would receive 70 Z bucks for this purchase. These Z bucks can then be used in our Z Club to make everyday items more affordable. For instance, you could buy a pair of $100 shoes for just $50 using your Z bucks. Imagine the possibilities—whether it’s a camper trailer reduced to $25,000 or a box of diapers for $21 instead of $53, your Z bucks can have a significant impact.

Of course, every checking account should come with a powerful savings account, and we provide that too. Our Power Save Account ensures your long-term savings are preparing you for the future. With features like rounding up to the nearest dollar and cash back for shopping, every time you spend a Z buck, you’ll be rewarded. All these rewards go straight into a high-interest guild savings account, securing your financial future.

So how can you join and start enjoying these benefits? It’s as simple as paying $25 for your first year, which grants you access to all the banking platforms we’ve described. As a bonus, we’ll reward you with 500 Z bucks just for checking us out. Then, for an annual fee of $47.50 or $4.95 per month, you can renew your membership and receive an additional 500 Z bucks as a thank you.

But that’s not all—we also have an exciting affiliate program. For a one-time payment of $495 and $150 per month, you can become part of our affiliate program and earn commissions on all Transact Card transactions in your community. We provide comprehensive marketing support, training, and the opportunity to fight inflation by boosting your bank account through this incredible program.






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