Unleash Your Earning Potential: How to Earn Recommendation Commissions as a DSM Early Founding Member for Free

Are you looking for a way to generate significant passive income online without spending a cent? Look no further! The Digital Shopping Mall (DSM) offers an exclusive opportunity for Early Founding Members (EFMs) to earn recommendation commissions like never before. In this article, we’ll delve into how you can become a DSM EFM and unlock the potential to earn substantial income without any initial investment.

Unlocking the DSM EFM Advantage: As a DSM EFM, you gain access to a plethora of benefits that set you apart from other members. Unlike ordinary members or even Founding Members, EFMs have the privilege to recommend unlimited products and services from a global supplier base. This means you have the freedom to explore various offerings and capitalize on diverse market opportunities.

Earning Recommendation Commissions: The process of earning recommendation commissions as a DSM EFM is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply fill out an online deal recommendation form, and let DSM Marketing Executives (DMEs) handle the deal closure with the supplier. There’s no need to engage in buying or selling, making it a seamless way to generate passive income online.

Maximizing Your Earnings Potential: For just $100, you can become a DSM EFM and start earning recommendation commissions from an unlimited number of recommended deals. The earnings potential is immense, with recommended deals capped at Digital Shopping Points (DSPs) worth $100,000 per deal. Even recommending just one deal can more than compensate for the $100 investment required to purchase DSPs and attain EFM status.

Invitation Opportunity: If you’re unable to invest $100 in purchasing DSPs, you can still seize this opportunity by inviting others who can afford it. By spreading the word about DSM EFMs and inviting new members using your personal invitation link, you can unlock additional earning potential. As their direct referral, you’ll receive 50% of the recommendation commissions they earn per product, potentially earning DSPs worth up to $50,000 for each deal recommended by your referrals.

Strategic Advantage of DSM EFM Status: DSM EFMs hold a strategic advantage within the platform. With no restrictions on deal recommendations and supplier locations, you have ample opportunities to earn and spend DSPs within DSM, thereby earning purchase affiliate commissions. Additionally, EFMs are likely to be loyal to DSM and can leverage their financial resources to recruit more new DSM members, further benefiting you as their direct referral.

Timing Is Key: It’s crucial to act fast and seize this opportunity before it’s too late. Until the official minting of DSM Coins (DSC), expected soon, you’ll receive 20 DSPs for each dollar spent on purchasing DSPs, with a minimum purchase requirement of $100. After the official minting of DSC and before the end of March 2024, this rate will reduce to 10 DSPs per dollar spent. Starting from April onwards, you’ll receive 1 DSP for each dollar spent. Therefore, joining as an EFM during the pre-launch period offers unique advantages that shouldn’t be missed.

Conclusion: In conclusion, becoming a DSM EFM is a game-changer for anyone looking to earn significant passive income online. With the opportunity to recommend unlimited deals, earn recommendation commissions, and leverage the loyalty and resources of DSM EFMs, the potential for financial growth is unparalleled. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the ranks of DSM EFMs and unlock your earning potential today!

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