Unlocking Prosperity: Digital Shopping Mall Launches Exclusive Founding Membership with Free $20,000 Digital Shopping Points

In an era where digital innovations reshape the way we shop and connect, Digital Shopping Mall (DSM) is making waves with its groundbreaking Founding Membership opportunity. The digital retail landscape is evolving, and DSM is at the forefront, inviting the general public to become Founding Members with a promise of 1 free Digital Shopping Point (DSP) equivalent to $20,000. This article delves into the details of this exclusive opportunity, highlighting the lucrative benefits and how you can be part of this exciting venture.

Section 1: The Founding Membership Advantage DSM’s Founding Members enjoy a plethora of benefits, starting with the reward of 1 DSP for personal verification and additional DSPs for each verified business partner invited (up to 10 levels deep). These members also have the unique opportunity to share in 10% of DSM’s monthly revenues and 20% of shareholding in DSM’s subsidiary companies globally, proportionate to their Founding Membership ratio.

Section 2: DSM Early Founding Members (DSM EFMs) For those who seize the opportunity to purchase DSPs during the Founding Membership period (DSM EFMs), every dollar spent is considered as 10 verified referrals, contributing to the calculation of their Founding Membership ratio. This means that DSM EFMs have a running ratio, visible in real-time on their profile page, showcasing the substantial benefits derived from their early investment.

Section 3: Computation of Founding Membership Ratio DSM employs a comprehensive system to calculate the Founding Membership ratio. This ratio is determined by dividing verified referrals 10 levels deep and deemed verified referrals earned through DSP purchases into the global verified member base and global deemed verified referrals through DSP purchases.

Section 4: Recommendations and Commissions Founding Members can recommend up to 5 products and 5 services annually, while DSM EFMs enjoy unlimited recommendations. The earning potential is significant, as members receive recommendation commissions in DSPs for approved deals, capped at $100,000 per deal. Sponsors, up to ten levels deep, also receive affiliate recommendation commissions, creating a network effect that benefits everyone involved.

Section 5: Founding Membership Opportunities The exclusive Founding Membership opportunities will be available until 1 billion DSPs, allocated for this airdrop, are distributed. Members are encouraged to join for free today through the provided link: https://endless.cash/dsm.

Conclusion: Digital Shopping Mall’s Founding Membership is not just an opportunity; it’s a gateway to unprecedented benefits in the digital shopping realm. As the digital shopping software launch approaches within the next two years, the minimum value of DSPs will be $20,000. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of the future of shopping. Join as a Founding Member today and secure your place in the evolution of digital retail.






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