UNO BITCOIN: From 0.0001 BTC ($2.75) To Up To 1.1631 BTC ($31,882.74) Without Referrals

Fully Automated UnoBitcoin 3X5 Downline Bitcoin Payouts. Starts with only 0.001 BTC ($2.75) and earns up to 1.1631 BTC ($31,882.74) from a one-time 0.0001 BTC ($2.75) out-of-pocket, without referring to anyone.

But why would you not refer to others? It builds you a list of Crypto Enthusiasts, plus you would earn faster! When you upgrade, you receive the equivalent amount back in UBTC as a Bonus. UBTC Mining started on the 1st of July 2023.

This is the best time to get onboard before the masses do. If you are interested to benefit from quick spillover, get in now and upgrade to all 5 levels, then sit back and see the payments coming in in droves.

Spillover/spillunder will rain on you. I have upgraded to level 5, and I am seeing my 3×9 matrix fill up daily.


You can have unlimited Referrals on all levels. But only 3 will donate to you directly and the rest will donate following the 3×5 matrix grid. It is 100% FREE to register and look around.

UNOBITCOIN is a global member-to-member donation network that aims to help members of the community by exchanging donations. To participate, members must sign up and create an account, which requires a Bitcoin wallet. Once a wallet is set up, members must upgrade their account by providing a small donation to the person who referred them or someone else in their upline.

To upgrade, members must click on the Upgrade button and follow the steps provided, which includes getting the wallet address and donation amount, sending the coins to the wallet address, and submitting the transaction hash ID for payment verification. After the payment is confirmed, members can start receiving funds from their referrals.

To get referrals, members can find their referral links and banners on the Referrals tab and share them wherever they advertise. Members can have unlimited active referrals on their first level and track their referrals up to five levels. Once the first three members in the front line make their first donations, they become active and can have referrals placed under them. The next member who makes a donation is assigned to someone in the downline as their sponsor and remains active at level one.

Donations from referrals’ referrals on the first level go to the referrer, while donations from the second level go to the referrer’s referrer, and so on up to five levels. Each level increases by a factor of three, with the first nine members on the second level donating to the referrer, the first 27 members on the third level donating to the referrer’s referrer, and so on.

To receive donations, members must have an active membership and have made the level donation to receive that same level donation from others. If a member does not have the required level active, donations at that level that are due to them will pass up to their referrer or someone else in their upline who is eligible. New members signing up without a referral link will be randomly assigned a referrer from all the UNOBITCOIN active members.

The system will accept the wrong amount sent to the sponsor, but it will not accept the wrong amount minus sent to the sponsor. If a transaction fails, members must perform their own support and contact their sponsor themselves, making sure to record their sponsor’s email and user ID before sending coins.

UNOBITCOIN is a member-to-member donation platform, not a member-to-admin-to-member platform. Therefore, the platform does not collect any fees or commissions on donations. Members are responsible for sending the right amount of coins with enough fee for the transaction to get confirmed. If a member does not accept the terms, they cannot use the platform. Members can contact support for any matters related to the malfunction of the platform.






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