Fully Automated UnoBitcoin 3X5 Downline Bitcoin Payouts.
Starts with only 0.001 BTC ($2.75) and Earns up to 1.1631 BTC ($31,882.74)from a one-time 0.0001 BTC ($2.75) out-of-pocket, without referring anyone.
But why would you not refer others?

It builds you a list of Crypto Enthusiasts, plus you would earn faster!

You get 50 UBTC as a bonus per referral.

Currently, 1 UBTC = $0.10, so, that is a $5 bonus. When you upgrade, you receive the equivalent amount back in UBTC as Bonus. UBTC Mining started on the 1st of July 2023.
As a member of Tron Sensation, I wanted to bring this to your attention before I start mailing my lists soon.
If you are interested to benefit from quick spillover, get in now and upgrade to at least level 2 (less than $9 total) in order not to miss any payments coming from spillover/spill under.
I have upgraded to level 3, and would then upgrade to higher levels (4 & 5) out of profits.

Become an active member of our community

Start by signing up and getting your account set up. You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet to participate. Once you have your wallet, add your BTC receiving address to your “Profile” page.

Next, you need to upgrade your account by providing a small donation to the person who referred you, or someone else they referred. Follow these simple steps:

  • Click the Upgrade TAB/Button
  • Get the wallet address and the amount for the donation.
  • Go to your wallet website and send the number of coins to the wallet address from step 2.
  • Get the transaction hash ID from the site you sent the coins.
  • Copy and paste the transaction hash ID into the payment verification form at the bottom of the upgrade page from Step 2.
  • Next, click “Submit TX ID”.
  • That’s it! You just made your first donation!

NOTE: Submit the transaction ID immediately following your payment, even if there is 0 Confirmation. Cheating the system will get you banned immediately!

Now you can get referrals of your own and start receiving funds from them just like you just funded your upline. If we all work together we’ll all succeed to the highest levels.

Find your links and banners on the “Referrals” TAB. Share the banners with your referral link wherever you advertise. Tell your friends! This is an incredible opportunity.

Donation Spillover (Not Referral Spillover)

You will be able to have unlimited active referrals on your 1st levels. Those are called your front line, or direct referrals. Since this platform matrix doesn’t move referrals around, it is easier to keep track of your direct referrals, and also your referrals (direct referrals), etc… up to 5 levels.

Once the first 3 members in your front line make their first donations to you, they are now active, and then they can have referrals placed under them, and once you have the first 3 active members on your front line the next one who make a donation will be assigned to someone in your down-line as their sponsor and will remain active at your Level 1.

Then the first 9 members Donations of your Referrals, Referrals 2nd Level will go to you. Then the next level down – level 3 – (The first 27 Members) will each donate the 3rd Level amount to you. This goes on for 5 levels, growing each time in total by a factor of 3.

Now, your Referrals on your 1st level will donate the 2nd Level amount to your Referrer. If your Referrer has already received all 9 donations from that level, someone in his down-line will be assigned as their sponsor.

Then they will donate the 3rd Level amount to your referrer’s referrer (3 levels up).

And on up the line, it goes to 5 levels…

Donation Rules:

1-You must have an active membership to receive donations. 2-You must have made the Level donation to receive that same Level donation from others. 3-If you do not have the required Level active then donations at that level which are due to you will pass up to your referrer or someone else in your upline who is eligible.

Random Referrals from direct Sign-ups

Crucial to read below!






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