UNOBITCOIN: The Revolutionary Donation Platform Changing The Game For Bitcoin Users Worldwide

To upgrade their account, users must follow several simple steps. First, they must click on the “Upgrade” button and obtain the wallet address and donation amount. Next, they must go to their wallet website and send the amount of coins to the wallet address provided. After sending the coins, users must obtain the transaction hash ID from the site and copy and paste it into the payment verification form on the upgrade page. Finally, users must click on “Submit TX ID” to complete the donation process.

Once users have made their first donation, they can start receiving funds from referrals and start referring others. The system allows users to have unlimited active referrals on their first level, also known as their front line or direct referrals. The platform matrix doesn’t move referrals around, making it easier for users to keep track of their direct referrals and their referrals up to five levels.

Once the first three members in a user’s front line make their first donations to the user, they become active and can have referrals placed under them. Once a user has the first three active members on their front line, the next member who makes a donation will be assigned to someone in their downline as their sponsor and will remain active at the user’s level 1.

The first nine donations from a user’s referrals on their second level will go to the user, followed by the first 27 donations from their referrals on their third level, and so on for five levels. Each time, the total donations increase by a factor of three.

New members signing up without a referral link will be randomly assigned a referrer between all UNOBITCOIN active members.

It’s important to note that the system will accept the wrong amount of coins sent to a sponsor with a plus sign, but it will never accept a wrong amount with a minus sign. Users must also perform their own support on a failed transaction and contact their sponsor themselves.

UNOBITCOIN is a member-to-member donations platform, not a member-to-admin-to-member platform. Therefore, the platform does not collect any fees or commissions on donations. Users are responsible for sending the correct amount of coins with enough fee for the transaction to get confirmed.






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