Welcome To EzHitzs, The Power of Cuttingedge Viral Traffic Systems

We use a broad range of traffic sites, systems, and sources, to ensure your traffic flow gets larger and more consistent over time. We set these up in a way that they continuously feed each other, so you never have to waste hours of your time on mindless, tedious traffic-generation tasks. Your system does it all for you, 99% hands-free.

The only catch is, you will need to do some work to set it up and get things started.

If you’re prepared to do that, you will be amazed at how easy and effective our traffic strategies are. You’ll also find dozens of high-value bonuses built into the system… as long as you stick at it and see it through.

Right now, your best option is to start at the top and work your way through it. Some people will get through it in a couple of sessions, others might take a couple of weeks. IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER!

However long it takes YOU, it will be worth it.

We do recommend using a Password Manager. If you don’t currently use one, you should grab the free version of RoboForm here so you can create an Identity and fill out the registration forms with a single click!

You should also open a plain text file on your desktop… we’ll refer to this as your Scrapbook… to record all your login details, links, and any notes on programs you want to revisit later…

It’s really important that you make plenty of notes as you go. Make a new heading for each program as you set it up and write down everything. There will be a lot of new information coming your way and you will forget stuff if you don’t write it down now!

Most sites have all kinds of extra offers & recommendations… if you want to get this done in a reasonable time, you need to ignore those and just focus on the steps we lay out. You can always revisit these sites later when you’re Perpetual Traffic Machine is up and running!






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